So who are Kinetic?

We are an organisation, created in 2014, to inspire and enthuse children and young people to consider a career in Engineering, Science, IT and Maths as well as bringing the curriculum alive and allowing all to reach their potential.

As we are now in our seventh year, our offering has increased.  Our schools Outreach has seen us cover the whole of the UK with over 60 different workshops to choose from including our Pop-up Planetarium, Marquee Rain Forest and our Forensics. Our Lab in a Library workshops have now been to over 50 libraries in East Anglia is expanding to be Uk wide.   We had over 160,000 people access our project in it’s first five years and is led by science teachers, educators and an inspiring group of volunteers.  We take science to science festivals, public events like Xmas Street Fairs, Suffolk Show/Norfolk Show etc. and we are now about to embark on the next stage of the project.

We are now getting ready to open our interactive STEM centre in Claydon, near Ipswich and accessible from the A14 main road.  It is due to open fully from October 2021 and we are having taster days for families at weekends prior to that.  Our second centre in Thetford and serving our Norfolk customers is due to open in November and we are looking forward to welcoming all of dedicated customers to both!!

Support Us


We are always looking for volunteers to share in taking our workshops and roadshows into schools and to groups.  Your experience and sharing your knowledge is invaluable to the children we meet each day.  When our interactive STEM centre opens we will be looking for volunteers.  Do you have a passion for Science, Maths or IT and wish to inspire the next generation.  Even if you can only spare a couple of hours once a month, we would love to hear from you.  We would need to carry out a DBS check and take up references and you would need to attend a Safeguarding Course and then you would be ready to help us.  We would look forward to any offers of help.

Curriculum based workshops

You may be a retired teacher or have a Scientific/Mathematical background and wish to share that knowledge.  We are always looking for people who may be able to help write workshops or curriculum based courses for our children to learn from the experts.  If you are a natural writer then we wish to hear from you to harness your talents.  In the near future we are planning to create resource packs that are comprehensive to continue the subject in the classroom after our visit, you may be able to help that process and we would love to hear from you.

Bid Writing

We have so many plans for our future business and sub-projects including an amazing 10 year business plan that needs to be full filled and a wish list.  Could you help?  Do you have a spare few hours each month and could help us with looking at funding streams, Fundraising Activities and large public engagement events or helping us to write bids?  Then we wish to hear from you as we are always looking for expert advice and a different view point.  You would be welcome to join our Trustees or be a Board member.


So how can you help inspire the next generation?

We are looking to the Corporate world to create the most amazing STEM interactive centre in East Anglia.  Our Outreach costs money to run and although we have small overhead costs, we are a Charity who is not looking to make a Profit, however, by reducing costs we are able to visit more schools and groups at a reasonable price rather than a fee that does not fit their budget.  We look to the Corporate world to support this project, to enhance the work we do, increase the volume of visits we are able to achieve and to make our 10 year Business Plan a reality.


Within our STEM centre, we will be showcasing local businesses work and how science, maths, IT and engineering helps them to function.  Our Exhibits are hands-on and will inspire the next group of scientists or mathematicians, so why not create an exhibit which showcases your work and is fun to play on?  What can they learn from your exhibit and could they be working for you in the future?

Making an exhibit for our Interactive STEM centre maybe not for you and your business and maybe you do not have the time.  Do not worry as you could fund one of the exhibits we are making and the activity can be named after your business.  Imagine the “BT” Newton’s Cradle or the Cambridge Science Park’s Astronomy Nights!  Why not put your name to a chosen exhibit.  We are expecting at least 15,000 visitors in our first year to the centre and we hope to reach another 30,000+ visitors by outreach again.  An exhibit and your logo and endorsement would be an amazing marketing tool for a lot less money than other marketing solutions and will reach an audience than is spread over at least 4 Counties!  Why not contact us to find out more?


Corporate Donations and personal donations will ensure the longevity of the STEM centre and will encourage the next generation to consider careers in these fields of work.  We accept donations from anyone willing to help and we will keep a “Donation Board” in the STEM centre where your generosity will be recognised.  We do have an award system for those wanting to join our funders and we have Bronze, Silver and Gold awards based on the level of donation and includes STEM centre presents and gifts as a “thank you”.


Do you have an employee willing to give a morning or afternoon to helping children within our centre on a topic close to your career and business world or maybe attend a school activity and teach the future employees of the UK?  We would be so grateful of experts to come along and enthuse the young people and especially encouraging young girls/ladies that the world of science and engineering can be for them!

Work for us


There are no vacancies at the present time. Please feel free to send your current CV and tell us the type of work you would like to do and we will keep your name on file.

Contact Us

Feel Free to ring us! 01473 832248 and Mobile 07704737599  (Please note the new phone numbers)

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